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The South Front

South Front

On Monday I showed you the North Front from University Avenue. Today, we have the other side of the building, the side which is visible from afar, as it stands at the top of Gilmorehill (Gilmorehill being one of the tallest hills in Glasgow, the tallest in central Glasgow at the very least). Kelvingrove Park, River Kelvin and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum (the most popular museum in Scotland) lies just down the hill from the South Front.

The Main Building, built in the 1870s by Sir George Gilbert Scott, is the second largest example of Gothic revival style of architecture in the United Kingdom, bested only by the Houses of Parliament in London.

I present this view of the Main Building during the intro week because this view of the University is familiar to a lot of Glaswegians and students from afar, but most people do not see the University up close from this angle.  To me this is the closest you get to seeing the Main Building for all it’s glory. If you ever view the Main Building from this angle, look up and look at the detail etched and attached to this side of the Main Building.

Right under the bottom of the photograph is a row of cars as a lot of the offices and services offices are located right under the tower and the part of the west wing of the Main Building. Most of those services have now moved to the newly opened Fraser Building across University Avenue.

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