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The Fraser Building

The Fraser Building

The Fraser Building (formerly The Hub) is the newest building on the University of Glasgow campus, having become operational between December 2008 and January 2009. The main entrance to the Fraser Building is located just across from the entrance to the Library.

The building, built as a one stop shop for students, conveniently contains most of the student services in one place, as well as a 400-seat cafeteria (wok and mussels at a student cafeteria?) and a take-out snack shop. A NHS medical practice (GP) and a book shop will open in the building sometime in the next year.

The Fraser Building is the result of a renovation of The Hub, which originally opened in 1966 as a student cafeteria, and in 1982 incorporated a university shop, a bank, and a travel agency. Since 2004 the building sat empty for a few  years before construction began in 2007, transforming the unimpressive 1960s building to a brand new building with a colourful facade facing the Round Reading Room and University Avenue. Ah, some colour on campus to brighten up the dreary autumn and winter months.

For more information and photographs visit the following links:
The Fraser Building website
The Hub website
The Flickr page of the Hub Project

Oh, and that bench which sits in the foreground? Does it look a bit like a dissection table? There’s a reason for that.

Click on the photo above for a larger version.
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