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University Tower from Kelvingrove Park

University Tower from Kelvingrove Park

The University Tower is one of Glasgow’s most notable landmarks, visible from many parts of the city. The tower, a part of the Main Building of the University, is one of the tallest (non-residential) buildings in the city as it stands 85 meters tall on Gilmorehill, which is turn is one of the tallest spots in the city. I specifically mention that little factoid as the list of tallest buildings in Glasgow is almost entirely made up of residential high-rises, which Glasgow has a higher concentration of than any other place in the UK.

Glasgow has a reputation of being a dirty industrial city and the abundance of ugly high-rise buildings scattered around the city don’t assist in trying to shake this reputation. Interestingly contrary to this fact, the name Glasgow comes from the Gaelic Glaschu which means “dear green place”. Kelvingrove Park, which borders the campus of the University on its eastern and southern sides, is one of some 90 parks within the Glasgow city limits and provides a fantastic and picturesque setting for the University.

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