Your University, One Photo at a Time



To wrap up the inaugural week of the Glasgow University Photo blog is one of the most photographed and iconic parts of the university campus, a collection of pillars at the centre of the Main Building. Situated below Bute Hall, the Cloisters link the west and east quadrangles (the inner courtyards) together.

As a photography subject, the Cloisters are exceptionally tricky, yet incredibly intriguing. It’s a common sight to see at least one photographer crouched in a corner or at one of the ends, trying to get that one perfect shot. The above is one of the few unblurry shots which I have managed to get, and I am not leaving this University without that one perfect shot. There will be more photos of the Cloisters in the future, believe me.

The Cloisters were built by the the son of the architect of the Main Building, John Oldrid Scott.

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Click on the photo above for a larger version.
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