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University Gardens

University Gardens

The main artery of the Glasgow University campus is University Avenue, which runs from Byres Road eastward towards Gibson Street and the River Kelvin, and houses most of the University buildings to its north and south sides. Just off University Avenue runs a one way road which loops back to University Avenue roughly 75 meters up the road from where it began. The post shown in the photo above sits at the exit of University Gardens.

So what is University Gardens?

It’s not a garden, first of all. The bit left in the middle as the road loops its short distance is taken up by trees and grass (and daffodils in April).

As you enter University Gardens and traverse its length back to University Avenue, you’ll pass the Victorian George Service House and the Hetherington Research Club, the 1960s Maths Building and the Queen Margaret Union (which sits at the turning point of the road), the modern Modern Languages Building, and a row of 1880s tenement buildings which contain the departments of Music, History, History of Art, Scottish Literature, English Literature, English Language, and the offices of the Arts Faculty and the Careers Service. (I think that’s everything.)

As an extra treat, I’ve embedded a street view map of University Gardens so you can take the journey without stepping away from your computer. (Hint: Hit the little icon in the top-right corner of the embed to enjoy the view full screen.)

The photo was taken from the spot just before you get back to University Avenue. Once there, turn around and you’ll see the same post with the blue word “OUT”. Or, follow this link to get to it. I’m thinking about embedding Google Street View to my posts more frequently, what do you think?

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2 responses

  1. Jen

    Hi – nice pic, I’ve never looked at that post!

    Economic History used to be in University Gardens too – 20 years ago! I just checked, and it has moved to Lilybank Gardens. That, along with French Studies in my 3rd year, was the only time I had classes in University Gardens.

    June 9, 2009 at 8:08 am

    • My only connection to University Gardens is that I walk through it every single day on my way to lectures in the Joseph Black Building and the Boyd Orr Building. That, and going to the QMU.

      That seems to be the case for most students, as everyone seems to be in a rush when on University Gardens, never taking the time to appreciate the Victorian buildings beside them.

      June 11, 2009 at 7:41 am

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