Your University, One Photo at a Time

A Magnificent Building

A Magnificent Building

It’s not always sunny in Glasgow. Well, it’s rarely sunny in Glasgow. Many of the photos presented here portray the University against a backdrop of a bright blue sky, when the daily reality is more akin to what you can see in the photo above. Plus rain. Lots of rain. Often.

Today’s photo is one of my favourite photos out of all the ones I’ve managed to shoot during my first year at the University. Why? Because of the darkness of the clouds, the trees swaying in the growing wind, the impending rainstorm about to hit, and just then the clouds let a few rays sunshine light up the Main Building, highlighting just what a magnificent Gothic (Revival) building it is. Be sure to click on the photo and check out the larger version on Flickr.

That little dot just to the right of the University Tower is actually a seagull, of which there for some reason are plenty of around here. Odd, as the Firth of Clyde and the Irish Sea are over 40km away. Sure, the River Clyde does meander through the city of Glasgow, passing just over a kilometer south of the Main Building, so I guess that has something to do with it. You’ll be interested (maybe) to find out that the three most common animals which hang out around the University are pigeons, seagulls, and cats. There’s also a lizard lounging around the Zoology Museum.

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