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Boyd Orr Building

Boyd Orr Building

Here’s another view of the imposing structure known as the Boyd Orr Building, one of the tallest structures on campus. There’s a rumor that due to the shape of the building, high winds create vortexes which blow down the side of the building and throw students down and away, especially as they climb the stairs at the entrance on the University Avenue side. Due to this, a barrier was built along University Avenue as it passes the Boyd Orr Building. You know, to stop students from being thrown into oncoming traffic. I say “rumor” because I’ve heard this from one student, read it in a comment on Wikimapia, on a Wikipedia article, and in the comments of a Facebook group dedicated to the building.

Personally I can’t make up my mind about the building. I had my Level 1 Economic and Social History lectures in the building, which brought me to BOB three times a week. Yes, I’ve nicknamed the building BOB (take a wild guess what that stands for.)

The building was originally called The Boyd Orr Building for Basic Sciences and is one of the many buildings on campus which make up the Faculty of Biomedical and Life Sciences (FBLS). In addition to the Science students, many other students from a large variety of departments frequent the two lecture theaters at ground level, as well as the labs and small lecture theaters scattered around the building.

Oh, and the hand dryers in the bathrooms on the ground floor are quite futuristic.

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