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Glasgow, Scotland with Style

Glasgow, Scotland with Style

It’s scenes like these when the earliest University buildings on Gilmorehill complement the typical Scottish weather.

The City of Glasgow advertises its offerings under the slogan Glasgow, Scotland with Style, an example of which can be seen in this photo. The slogan is typically accompanied with an easily recognizable landmark or tourist spot from Glasgow, in some cases the University is represented.

The three buildings in the photograph are the Pearce Lodge, the James Watt North Building, and the University Tower, ever-lurking in the background. All three buildings, on the surface, adhere to the same construction style and make-up, and were built in the 1880s when the University moved from High Street in the East End of Glasgow to the blooming West End.

The Pearce Lodge, the shorter building in the front with the spherical spire, actually incorporates parts of the gatehouse from the Old College. The gatehouse and other parts of the original 17th Century stonework were moved stone by stone to the new site when the Old College was demolished. (The original gate is just below the bottom of the photograph, not visible here.)

The James Watt North Building, just behind the Pearce Lodge, also dates back to the late 19th Century and houses the Department of Computing Service. Well, at least that’s what the sign outside the building states. (My initial research done online for these photos came up with absolutely nothing about the James Watt North Building. Zilch. Nothing on the Univeristy website. I will get to the bottom of this. If you know anything, share your knowledge in the comments below!)

The University Tower, well, this towering landmark will become familiar to you with time. I’ll feature each of these buildings individually in further detail in the future, as they all deserve much delving into.

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