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Gloomy Irn-Bru Night

Gloomy Night

An Irn-Bru night sky and the smell of yeast from the breweries. Welcome to Glasgow.
(Irn-Bru is an orange carbonated soft drink from Glasgow, and is one of the most popular drinks in Scotland.)

Sometimes sunlight and blue skies don’t tell the whole story.
Sometimes majestic floodlit buildings don’t tell the whole story.
Sometimes you need to switch off the floodlights and let the night and buildings speak for themselves.

Taken during the beginning of spring in mid-April, this shot shows what night looks like around Glasgow University when the lights go off for the night. The central point of this photo, the University Tower, has the floodlights switched off at 1am every night. If you look carefully, you’ll notice that most of the Main Building is still bathed in light. This late night doom and gloom look contrasts vastly with the same viewin sunlight or when lit up.

Besides walking home from one of the student unions after a night of carousing (def: to engage in a drunken revel), what other reason would students have to be around the Main Building after 1am?
I will give you the answer tomorrow. The answer will also be the focus of the entire next week.

[Poll #2: What's your connection to Glasgow University?]
Click on the photo above for a larger version.
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