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Library Annexe [Library Week]

Library Annex

The above shot is from the Library Annexe, the extra little bit on the northern side of the Library which was built in the 1980s. Why have I shown you the inside and not the outside? Well, it’s not that pretty from the outside, I’ll tell you that much. I will one day post a good picture of the northern facade of the Library, when I get a good shot of it. (I have tried. It has to either be an early morning shot (6am, when the sun is rising), or a carefully framed and timed night shot. This particular shot is from the Level 5 Annexe, where the Life Sciences materials are based. If you look carefully, I made the amateur mistake of being caught in the reflection in the window.

It’s Day 3 of Library Week, the very first Theme Week, and today we’ll be blurting out facts and figures. Statistics, really. (Don’t worry, there’s no math involved here, especially not calculus.) I’m going to describe the University in terms of mainly figures, in (severely abbreviated) bullet-point form:

  • The first explicit mention of a library at the University is from November 1475.
  • From 1871 situated in the Main Building on Gilmorehill.
  • Moved to new purpose-built building in 1968.
  • Roughly 20,000 volumes by 1791
  • Around 126,000 volumes by 1891
  • Currently holds over 2.5 million books and journals.
  • Access to over 30,000 electronic journals.
  • The Special Collections contains more than 300,000 manuscript items and around 200,000 printed works.
  • Around 800 Computers for student use, with wi-fi throughout the building.
  • Study space for over 2,500 students.
  • 1,429,494 visits were made to the Library in 2006-2007 (Source: PDF)
  • Library homepage visits: 1,266,623 visits. (Source: PDF)
  • Over 200 daytime, night and weekend members of staff.

This post is a part of Library Week (June 22nd – 28th)
Don’t forget to visit the
Library website, their Flickr account, and their blog.

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Click on the photo above for a larger version.
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