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Politics Section [Library Week]

Politics Section [Library Week]

This little corner on the 6th floor of the Library Annexe is where I spend a significant amount of time whilst at the Library. As a Politics student, naturally much of my books and materials can be found right here, on the 6th floor annexe of the University Library, as well as at the Adam Smith Library in the Adam Smith Building (makes sense, doesn’t it?). Now, even with that, what you see in the picture is roughly about half the Politics materials, with the rest being in the Adam Smith Library and in the Short Loan section on the 2nd floor of the main library building. The wall at the very end of the picture is the Anthropology section. If you turn left at the Anthropology section, you get the Soviet/Slavonic Studies section, which is, well, HUGE! Take a look at the floor plan of this particular floor of the Library Annexe (.gif file here, in new window) and you’ll see what I mean with HUGE.

Now, why would a University in Glasgow, Scotland have an excessive Soviet Studies section? I’ll try to answer that question tomorrow.

This post is a part of Library Week (June 22nd – 28th)
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