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Through the Cloisters

Through the Cloisters

Taking a step back from yesterday’s post, we find ourselves underneath Bute Hall, by the Cloisters once again.

Some of the main aspects of the Main Building which are generally considered the most grand and aesthetically significant parts of the Main Building were interestingly not built by the man whose name the building carries.

The Main Building of Glasgow University, also known as the Gilbert Scott Building (after the main architect, Sir George Gilbert Scott), formally opened in 1870. The entire building wasn’t actually completed until way into the 1920s. Significantly, due to financial issues, work on the Cloisters and Bute Hall didn’t begin until 1877. The original architect, Sir George Gilbert Scott, died in 1878, leaving his son, John Oldrid Scott, to take over the construction of the Tower and the spire which sits on top of it, Bute Hall, and the Cloisters.

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