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Tower at Night

Tower at Night

One of Glasgow’s most recognizable landmarks, that Glasgow University Tower was originally designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott, but finished with a slightly different design by his son, John Oldrid Scott.

The original plans had called for a grander and more striking, but heavier-looking spire at the top of the tower. The final plan, which you see in the photo above, consisted of the four pointy turrets and the lighter, more elegant spire.

As grand and imposing as the tower and the whole building seems today, it is worthy of note that the building was the largest project undertaken in Britain after the completion of the Houses of Parliament in 1860, and to this day remain the second largest example of Gothic Revival architecture in the UK, after the Houses of Parliament.

Note the fact that one of the four turrets on the corners of the tower, the north-west turret, actually runs down the side of the tower, unlike the other three corners. (In this photo it is at the the very left side of the tower, just compare the three visible corners of the tower.) The reason for this is that hidden inside is the only way to get to the top of the tower, a whopping 200 steps on a winding staircase just big enough to fit a slightly chubby adult. The excruciating walk up the 200 steps is definitely worth it, considering the view from the top.

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