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Freshers’ Ball [Party Week]

Freshers' Ball [Party Week]

University is not merely about academia, about lectures and tutorials, about essays and exams, about faculties and departments, about the library and the museums. University also heavily about the people, the students, and about the interactions between students.

This is where Party Week comes in. Students need to unwind every now and then, and the University’s unions and societies provide a plethora of opportunities for such. During this week I’ll post some of my better party shots from First Year, beginning with the Freshers’ Ball during Freshers’ Week all the way back in September 2008.

This particular shot comes from very early during the event, which took place in Qudos in the Queen Margaret Union. You can tell it’s early because a) the floor is pretty empty and b) no one is dancing. Well, either it’s early or everyone is upstairs at the (temporary) casino or ogling at the chocolate fountain.

This post is a part of Party Week (July 6th – 12th)

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