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Chicane on Daft Friday [Party Week]

Chicane at Daft Friday [Party Week]
As alluded to on Thursday (July 9th), the headliner at the 99th Annual Daft Friday at the GUU on December 19th 2008, was Chicane (of Offshore and Saltwater fame).

Today’s photo is from the second floor of the Glasgow University Union’s Debates Chamber during Chicane’s gig. Normally the Debates Chamber plays host to actual debates (which the GUU is known for), but many artists and comedians take the stage during the year.

As I said a few days ago, the 2009 Daft Friday will be the 100th anniversary of the event, so I expect the lineup to be, well, impressive. The event is usually sold out, and tickets (2008 prces) go for £30 (single) and £55 (double).

This post is a part of Party Week (July 6th – 12th)

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