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Joseph Black M.D.

Joseph Black M.D.

This large plaque, the Joseph Black Memorial Tablet from 1953, which sits on the northern wall of the Joseph Black Building, on University Place, reads:

Pioneer of Modern Chemistry, he was Lecturer in Chemistry 1756-1566, Professor of Anatomy and Botany 1756-1757, Professor of Practice of Medicine 1757-1766 in this University.

Joseph Black is known for his discoveries of latent heat, specific heat, and the discovery of carbon dioxide (CO2). His most important works are associated with the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, which have both named their Chemistry buildings after him.

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One response

  1. Jackie

    I’ve never paid much attention to this, I must go and have a closer look.

    By the way, re the Kelvingrove organ, I think they do recitals every day at 1pm.

    July 18, 2009 at 9:54 pm

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