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The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery [Museum Week]

The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery [Museum Week]

The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, Scotland’s oldest public museum, first opened its doors in 1807 as a part of the University of Glasgow. Borrowing from a paragraph in Wikipedia:

In 1783 William Hunter bequeathed his substantial and varied collections to the University of Glasgow. (Hunter, writing to Dr William Cullen) They were ‘to be well and carefully packed up and safely conveyed to Glasgow and delivered to the Principal and Faculty of the College of Glasgow to whom I give and bequeath the same to be kept and preserved by them and their successors for ever…. in such sort, way, manner and form as …. shall seem most fit and most conducive to the improvement of the students of the said University of Glasgow.’ [Wikipedia]

The Hunterian Museum initially opened in a purpose-built facility in Glasgow’s High Street, where the University was situated at the time, moving with it to Gilmorehill in the late 1800s. Today, the collections of the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery (which have grown over the years) have been split and scattered around the campus of the University. The main part of the Hunterian Museum is located in the large halls of the Gilbert Scott Building (the Main Building), as seen above in the photo. The rest of the collections have been divided into the Zoology Museum (Graham Kerr Building), the Hunterian Art Gallery, and the Mackintosh House, with some parts of the collection housed in the University Library and in the Anatomy Museum in the Thompson Building.

Oh, and the statue taking up almost a third of this photo? That’ll be of James Watt (1736-1819), from 1830.

More information on the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery can be found at, as well as its supplementary Facebook Page, Flickr Group, and on Twitter.
This post is a part of Museum Week (July 20th – 26th)

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