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Deformed Boar Thingamabob [Museum Week]

Deformed Boar at the Hunterian Museum

Or, according to the part of the base which is visible in the photo, its a [Something] Asymmetrus Pig. Although the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery is composed of William Hunter’s extensive book and coin collections, among much much more, he was first and foremost an anatomist, which leads to some, frankly, interesting specimens in the collections, such as the pig above with 4 legs, 3 arms, 2 tails, and a head. The collections also include conjoined deer twins, a fetus in a uterus preserved in vinegar or such, and other interests to tweak your curiosity or churn your stomach.

More information on the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery can be found at, as well as its supplementary Facebook Page, Flickr Group, and on Twitter.
This post is a part of Museum Week (July 20th – 26th)

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Click on the photo above for a larger version.
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