Your University, One Photo at a Time

From Partick Bridge

University of Glasgow at Night

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, here’s the South Front of the Main Building of the University of Glasgow at night. The shot was taken from Partick Bridge, just to the south-west of the University. The bridge is one of the better vantage points of the Main Building, as the bridge crosses the River Kelvin at the westernmost corner of Kelvingrove Park. This location allows for a fantastic spot to view the seasons change, with the University in the background. I’ve made a mental note to demonstrate the changing of the seasons from this very spot n the photos I feature here.

On a side note, Freshers’ Week 2009 begins in just 30 days! (That’s September 14th, to save you from pulling out your calendar or doing the math yourself). I’ll be walking around every day during that week with my camera at the ready (and collecting the free stuff that clubs and bars and various brands shove at any studenty-looking person who walks be during that week!)

[Poll #3: Which Academic Faculty do you belong to at Glasgow University?]
Click on the photo above for a larger version.
© 2009

One response

  1. Jackie

    Ah, so it’s less than a month that I can enjoy the empty campus! After the summer holidays Freshers’ Week is always a bit of a shock to my system!

    I think I must look really old (or perhaps grumpy) but the chuggers don’t seem to give me the club flyers any more!

    August 17, 2009 at 7:27 pm

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