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Cairncross House

Cairncross House

The 2009/2010 academic year is slowly creeping closer and closer, and many students are beginning to pack their belongings and head off to Glasgow, either again or for the first time. (Leaving for Glasgow again in a week myself!) Many of the roughly 4,000 First Year students will be housed in halls of residence provided by the University, such as Cairncross House in the photo above.

Beginning September 11th (as far as I know), these halls of residence will begin to fill up with students. I don’t have many photos of the various halls of residence at the University, but the three which I do I will post at the beginning of this week. First up, Cairncross House, located a 15 minute walk south of the University (according to the Uni website. I’d say it’s more like 10 minutes). Just to the north is the western end of Argyle Street which extends all the way in to the city centre. The inside is split into 102 twin spaces, 72 single spaces, and 38 large single spaces.

Here’s another unverified rumour that I’ve heard a few times from students who have stayed at Cairncross House: Allegedly, Cairncross House was originally built as a prison for women, but due to lack of funding or whatnot, it never went into operation, and eventually it was purchased by the University and converted into student halls. I can’t verify if this is actually true, or if it’s just what people say upon seeing the inside of the building. My first impression of the narrow white hallways inside was that it reminded me of a prison. What do you think? Could it be true?

The Glasgow University Accommodation Office has more pictures of Cairncross House on Flickr.

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