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Murano Street Student Village

Murano Street Student Village

If you’re a First Year student at the University of Glasgow and you’re going to be living in halls of residence provided by the University, it is very likely that this will be your new home for the next year. Located 20-25 minutes north of the University (again, according to the Uni website), the Murano Street Student Village (commonly just Murano), houses a large number of students and is the largest concentration of student flats owned by the University.

There are some 1167 beds at the Murano Street Student Village, spread out into two different kinds of flats: Small Flats (4-5 persons per flat) and Large Flats (10-12 persons per flat). Love them or hate them, the people in your flat will be the people you’re most likely to call your friends for the next year, at least. Freshers’ Week, although it’s marketed as a way for students to make new friends, it’s more a week of getting to know the people you’ll be living with for the next year.

Although this applies to all of the halls of residence, I’ll mention it in relation to Murano because it’s most common there. Fire alarms. All the halls of residence have the most sensitive smoke and heat detectors known to man, and upon sensing smoke (or intense heat in the kitchen), the fire alarm from hell goes off, the building is evacuated, and everyone stands out (usually in the rain) while the fire fighters check out the building. Fortunately the nearest fire department is across the street. Whether due to a real fire, someone cooking sausages at 3am, or a practical joke, every student will experience this at least once. If you’re one of the lucky ones at Murano, you’ll experience it often. A statistic I heard once was that out of some 400 instances of the fire alarm going off in any of the buildings owned by the University of Glasgow, roughly 170 of them came from Murano.

As Murano is a little village for students, I’ve added a Google Street View thingy below so you can take a virtual walk around, starting from in front of the Common Facilities Building:

The Glasgow University Accommodation Office has a set of photos of Murano Street on Flickr. There’s also a group on Facebook for those who live/have lived at Murano, with photos of some of the interesting happenings at the halls.

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