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Student Apartments

Student Apartments

The closest halls of residence to the brunt of the University are the Student Apartments, located in 19th century tenement buildings on Hillhead Street/Great George Street, Gibson Street and Southpark Terrace on Gilmorehill, and up in Park Circus on the other side of Kelvingrove Park.

The tenements in the photo above are on Great George Street, just above the Accommodation Office, which is on the ground floor (white door to the left-hand side of the photo). The floor above that consists of student flats for couples and small families (my fiancée and I lived in one of them for our first year at Glasgow University). The two floors above that are divided into shared and single student halls with roughly 14 or so first year and exchange students per floor. The halls actually wrap around the left-hand corner of the building onto Hillhead Street. There are also two family flats in the attic of this building, facing the back of the building.

In addition to Cairncross House, Murano Street and the Student Apartments, students may be housed at Kelvinhaugh Gate, Kelvinhaugh Street, Maclay Residences, Queen Margaret Residences, and Winton Drive, as well as the catered Wolfson Hall. The Accommodation Office website has more info on those, as well as photos which I don’t have to offer here right now.

The Glasgow University Accommodation Office has a set of photos of the Student Apartments on Flickr.

Oh, and yeah, I admit it, this photo went through some photoshopping on the part of the sky which was all washed out, so I replaced it with the sky from another photo. Amateur… (The roof isn’t really that blue…)

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