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View From The Glasgow University Library

View From Glasgow University Library

To counter yesterday’s post, and to prove that it really, definitely is not sunny in Glasgow all the time, here’s a typical view from the 10th floor (if I remember right) of the Glasgow University Library, looking south past the Main Building. At the front you can see the backside of the buildings on University Avenue/University Gardens which house many of the History Departments, as well as English Language/Literature Departments.

Behind and past the Main Building you can see the Clyde Auditorium (commonly known as the Armadillo), the Glasgow Science Centre, and the Glasgow Tower.

To continue with the theme from yesterday of being able to see the Campsies up to the North, this view shows you how far you can see to the south as well, past the city’s southern limits. Darn those huge windows at the library!

[Poll #3: Which Academic Faculty do you belong to at Glasgow University?]
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