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August 2009 Recap []

The summer is over now (or will be tomorrow, depending on who you ask) and the 2009/2010 academic year is just weeks away. The first three months of this blog, the first 92 photos, have been posted, and the University of Glasgow has been introduced.

As September is just around the corner and I’m back in Glasgow now, I will begin posting fresh and current photos of the University and everything associated with it.

@GlasgowUniPhotoNow, if you, the reader, have any suggestions or ideas for this blog, or want something featured here such as a society or an event or a particular building or department, just let me know via email (jani [at] GlasgowUniPhoto [dot] com), the contact form, a comment on a post, or through Twitter. Yes, the Glasgow University Photo blog is on Twitter. Any hints or ideas or feedback will be greatly appreciated. Follow the blog on Twitter @GlasgowUniPhoto. In addition to the above mentioned forms of feedback, you can also rate the posts at the bottom of each individual post. (You have to click through to the actual post from the main page to see the rating stars.)

Below, as has become customary on this photo blog, are all of the featured photos of the past month. You can always find all of the archived photos in the Archives.

August 1st: Urban Studies Door DetailAugust 2nd: The Tree That Never GrewAugust 3rd: SRC Election PostersAugust 4th: ProtestAugust 5th: QMU ElectionAugust 6th: The Flash Mob Respects Human RightsAugust 7th: GUSA ElectionsAugust 8th: Occupied BuildingAugust 9th: Reactions to Student PoliticsAugust 10th: University of Glasgow at NightAugust 11th: Lilybank House at NightAugust 12th: Wolfson Medical School Building at NightAugust 13th: University Avenue at NightAugust 14th: South Front at NightAugust 15th: From Partick BridgeAugust 16th: From Sauchiehall StreetAugust 17th: Cairncross HouseAugust 18th: Murano Street Student VillageAugust 19th: Student ApartmentsAugust 20th: Shoes on a WireAugust 21st: Lock It or Lose ItAugust 22nd: Eastern End of University AvenueAugust 23rd: Western End of University AvenueAugust 24th: University Tower at NightAugust 25th: Boyd Orr Building and Queen Margaret UnionAugust 26th: View From The Adam Smith BuildingAuguts 27th: View From Glasgow University LibraryAugust 28th: Aerial View of Glasgow UniversityAugust 29th: Boyd Orr Lecture TheatreAugust 30th: Political PhilosophyAugust 31st: Panorama from the Tower

The month of September starts out slowly, as most first years don’t arrive until September 11th (when their student halls become available), and most of the other student aren’t coming back until the very last week before their lectures start on the 21st. On the 14th, all hell breaks loose on campus as Freshers’ Week kicks off. I’ll be wandering around campus with my camera all week to show you some of the action.

And finally, polls polls polls. Poll #4 asks: Which Student Union(s) do you belong to (or use to belong to)? You can find it on the right hand side of this blog from September 1st onwards. Below are the results of Poll #3: Which Academic Faculty do you belong to at Glasgow University? Interestingly every single Faculty was accounted for, with LBSS and Arts far in the lead. The “Other” answers were Ex Employee and Glasgow School of Art (GSA). You can see all the polls featured here on the Polls page. [Poll and results graphic below courtesy of]

August Poll Report

In relation to my Freshers’ Week postings, should I post a single picture per day, or a collage of several pictures. The one rule for this blog is that on ly one photo will be published per day, but that doesn’t mean that the photo can’t be comprised of more than one photo. So, what do you think, one photo or a collage, per day, on Freshers’ Week?


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