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Hetherington Research Club at Night

Hetherington Research Club

The Hetherington House contains what is believed to be the first university research club in the UK, according to the Archive Services. If you’re a mature student, a postgraduate student, or university staff, you can join the Hetherington Research Club at 13 University Gardens. According to its website:

The Research Club is a social club which exists to provide sustenance, socialisation and study space for mature and postgraduate students as well as all University staff. The Club opened in November 1954.

I’m toying with the idea of joining the Research Club, anyone with experience of the Research Club? Off in the distance on the right hand side of the photo you can see the Gregory Building. Want to see it closer? Alright, come back tomorrow!

Edit: The building is actually made up of two houses, Hetherington House on the right at number 13, and George Service House at number 11 on the left.

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