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John Smith’s Bookshop

John Smith's Bookshop

Freshers’ Week 2009 at Glasgow University starts in just one short week! With the new Academic year creeping closer, the University is preparing itself for the onslaught of students and enjoying the last of the quiet summer days on campus. For the Freshers’, next week should be a memorable one. If you want to know what’s going on during the next week, the published lineups and event guides may give you an idea: Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow University Union, and the Students’ Representative Council. The events listed in the pages I just linked to are only the tip of the iceberg and there will definitely be a lot of things to do and see every day. For all official Glasgow University events, please visit the Freshers’ Week page on the University website at

A few things have changed on campus during the summer months. For instance, the John Smith’s Bookshop has moved from the John McIntyre Building to the bottom floor of the Fraser Building. The above photo is from the entrance to the bookshop. I’ve purposely left most of the inside of the bookshop out of the picture, as I’m saving that for another day. All I’ll say right now about it is that if you’ve ever been to the old Bookshop in the John Mac, you’ll appreciate how open and spacious the new bookshop is. In addition to the Bookshop, there’s another new resident to the Fraser Building. Come back for on Wednesday! (I would feature it tomorrow, but tomorrow is a special day so I’m posting a different photo.)

As Freshers’ Week ’09 is just around the corner, help me out by having your say in the poll below!

[Poll #4: Which Student Union(s) do you belong to (or use to belong to)?]
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2 responses

  1. Jen

    I was just thinking as I saw the pic wow, it’s much lighter than when I went there! Then I read what you wrote and realised why

    September 7, 2009 at 4:02 pm

  2. I didn’t go to the bookshop much, as most of the books I need are so specialist I get them from specialist sellers 2nd hand online. I hadn’t picked up that they’d moved to the Hub, will have to check it out sometime soon.

    September 8, 2009 at 10:08 am

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