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The T is Back!!

The T is Back!!

Just a quick update on a previous post. Back in June I showed a detail from the Memorial Gates of one of the latest additions to the gate, the name of John Smith. Back then the “T” in the name had fallen off and was precariously just sitting on the gate. Well, good news everybody, the T is back, firmly attached to the gate once more!

I noticed it while I was out taking a closeup of the Adam Smith part of the Memorial Gates for last Sunday’s theme day. Glad to see that it’s been fixed, finally, but really, whoever chose the material and did the actual attaching of the name to the gate in the first place needs to get their act together. I can understand something like this occurring after decades or even centuries of being beaten up by Scottish weather, but to deteriorate to this state in less than 10 years? I wag my finger at whoever is responsible.

Speaking of the letter T, or more precisely, tea, a Glasgow University study has found that green and black tea, as well as several fruit juices, may help prevent heart disease in humans. Wouldn’t that mean that the British ought to have some of the lowest levels of heart disease in the world, considering how much tea they consume? More info on the University website and in the Scotsman.

As Freshers’ Week ’09 is just around the corner, help me out by having your say in the poll below!

[Poll #4: Which Student Union(s) do you belong to (or use to belong to)?]
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