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East Quadrangle on Open Day

East Quadrangle on Open Day

One more from Wednesday’s Open Day at Glasgow University, this one, a panorama, taken from the north-east corner of the East Quadrangle. The University lucked in weather-wise because the sun shone brightly all day and rain was nowhere to be seen. Pretty much everybody in the photo is a part of the 10,000ish prospective students who took over our Uni for one day.

There is also a larger version (1024 x 227) and the original version (11140 x 2468!!!) of the above photo on Flickr.

Next week’s posts will be somewhat different, as it’s Freshers’ Week. Instead of one single photo per day, I will post a collage of the best shots of the day. Instead of the day’s post appearing in the early hours of the day or by mid afternoon, I will post the day’s collage late in the evening of the day the photos were taken. So look for the first Freshers’ Week ’09 Collage tomorrow at around 10pm! (Give or take, as I don’t actually have access to the internet at my flat yet.)

[Poll #4: Which Student Union(s) do you belong to (or use to belong to)?]
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