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New Entrance to The Hive

New Entrance to The Hive

If you’ve followed the Twitter feed (@GlasgowUniPhoto) of this blog, you would know that Plan A for today’s post was meant to be a collage of the events of the fifth day of Freshers’ Week 2009 at Glasgow University. Unfortunately, there really wasn’t much going on around campus on Friday, so I moved to Plan B.

Plan B was to post a picture of the Iron Stomach competition at the Glasgow University Union. The GUU website describes the Iron Stomach competition as:

The premier student eating contest.

Firstly, it’s probably best that I clarify that Iron Stomach does not involve eating
students – the tagline often catches people out. Iron Stomach is one of the Union’s
longest-running games events – the boards in the Beer Bar detail a line of winners
stretching all the way back to the 60s. The basic premise is that contestants must eat
their way through a colossal amount of food in the fastest time, with a fantastic prize,
immortalisation on the Beer Bar boards, and (presumably) an extremely sore stomach at
the end of the line.

If you want a better idea of what the Iron Stomach is, search for it on YouTube. Unfortunately, the competition this week was for Freshers’ Only, so I wasn’t allowed in to take a photograph. So, Plan C.

Plan C was basically just anything I could find on my walk home, which is the above, the entrance to the Glasgow University Union’s 1960s extention which contains the Union’s clubs, including The Hive. The red “The Hive” sign is new, as is the yellow “GUU” sign covering what used to be a dirty white 1960s style entrance. Good riddance, looks a lot better and inviting this way.

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2 responses

  1. You’re right that does look much better. I’m getting low on photos, I might have to nick some of your locations! (think of it as an hommage ;) ).

    September 20, 2009 at 9:04 am

  2. Feel free to nick any of my shooting locations, it’s your Uni too! =) If you have any photo wishes from around the University that you’ve never gotten around to getting, just let me know, I could always use extra ideas for my photo adventures.

    September 20, 2009 at 11:50 pm

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