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Autumn Is A Stressful Time

Autumn Is Here

The first week of the 2009/2010 Academic Year is almost over and people are slowly starting to recover from Freshers’ Flu (or it’s just about to hit them).

This is also the time when the whole weight of University Life comes down on everyone full force as everything you signed up for on Freshers’ Week is now emailing you and inviting you to whatever social gathering or event they’re throwing. Pub crawls, fancy dress parties, pub quizzes, society elections, you name it. Everyone of your friends from last year who had their birthday during the summer months is having a belated birthday party. Everyone who moved into a flat with some friends is hosting a flat warming party in the next week or so. The first essays are due in the month. You’re filling in various forms for council tax exemption and student loans and grants and your letting agency. If you’re from England you haven’t gotten your student loans yet, adding a huge amount of stress on your shoulders. You’re running to Ikea to buy cheap furniture to fill the emptiness of your new flat. The reading lists for all your subjects are daunting. Hundreds of pounds are being spent on your course books and materials, new or second-hand. And it’s almost Halloween, so better start thinking about what to wear.

It’s a stressful time for University students.

To balance that I offer a simple solution. If at any point the sun comes out, or at least the rain stops for an hour or so, head down to Kelvingrove Park and appreciate the leaves turning many shades of fiery colours. Just go for a stroll or even a small picnic during lunch time. Grab your course reading list, find one of the books from the library, and go sit in the park to read for a bit. Get away from the chaos of the first weeks of the Academic year on campus.

I took the above photo on a short stroll though Kelvingrove Park. It was windy, yes. The sun came out for 20 seconds and then disappeared for a minute. It rained for about 45 seconds a few times. But it was a whole world away from the stress of this time of the year.

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