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Midwifery, Not History of Magic

Midwifery, Not History of Magic

I keep hearing students being a bit disappointed that during Freshers’ Week not one person shouted “Expelliamus” nor did the welcome packet include a book of magic or even a measly magic wand. Freshers’ Fair was also a let down for some as there wasn’t a Harry Potter Appreciation Society or even a Gryffindor House Society at the University of Glasgow. The closest thing to that effect would be the GU Science Fiction & Fantasy Society (IO), but it’s not solely a Harry Potter Fan Club.

Here’s a solution to any new or old student at Glasgow University who, like the prospective students in the photo above on Open Day, fantasize about Glasgow University being Hogwarts: Start your own society or club. No really, go for it. Check out the SRC website, under Clubs, for more information on how to start the Hogwarts Society or whatever you want to call it. There are a lot of societies at the University, a Harry Potter society would fit right in.

At Glasgow University midwifery is a part of Nursing and Healthcare in the Faculty of Medicine. I don’t think they have offices or lectures in the East Quadrangle of the Main Building anymore.

[Poll #4: Which Student Union(s) do you belong to (or use to belong to)?]
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  1. J

    I remember helping to found a group at Glasgow Uni. GULCH we were called. Glassgow University League of Calvin and Hobbes. Oh dear.

    September 25, 2009 at 7:20 pm

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