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C is for… Chapel [ABC Sundae]

C is for... Chapel [ABC Sundae]
Another ABC Sundae post right now, the letter C this time. The letter C is an easy one, and I could think of a lot of things to feature. Coincidentally, October 4th is also the day that the University Chapel was “dedicated to the glory of God” back in 1929. So, the Chapel also turns 80 today. Happy Birthday!

Between 1871 and 1929 the West Quadrangle remained open into The Square. Construction on the Chapel begun all the way back in 1914, but was put on ice because of the Great War. The building of the Chapel in its present spot by 1929 completed the Main Building as it is today.

The Chapel goes by the name of the War Memorial Chapel, or Memorial Chapel, as it is dedicated to the students and members of staff, past and present (at the time) who perished in World War 1, and subsequently in World War 2. Within the Chapel are memorial tablets with the names of all those associated with the University who died in the two World Wars. The WW1 tablets are behind the altar, and the WW2 tablets are on the wall on both sides of the Chapel, near the altar. I’ll feature them in another post each.

Graduates, students, members of staff and the children of members of staff are entitled to be married in the Chapel. I heard at one point that there didn’t use to be a restriction on who could get married at the University Chapel, but when graduates and such complained that they had to wait months, maybe even years to get married at the Chapel of their alma mater, the University restricted who could get married there. Or so I was told. If you’re around the Chapel on the weekends, a wedding procession is a very common sight.

For more information about the Glasgow University Memorial Chapel, check out the corresponding Wikipedia article.

More “On This Day” entries can be found on Glasgow University Story website at maintained by the Archive Services. Information also from University Story site.

ABC Sundae is a fortnightly theme day, occurring every other Sunday, one letter of the alphabet at a time. Click here for more ABC Sundae.

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