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GUU By-Election

GUU By-Election

Ah, student politics, the colourful kind! The Glasgow University Union is currently without a President and other members of the board, for reasons I won’t dwell on here. To fill the spots of President and Present Student Member, a by-election was held today. Well, at the time of writing there is still a bit over an hour left to vote. Campaigners for the candidates have been out in force all day today, blanketing the campus and students with flyers and chalk graffiti telling you to “Vote Jo/Dom/Gillian/Rory/etc…”. The closer you got to the GUU building, the more frequent the campaign ads and flyers got, until you get to the end of University Avenue, to the GUU building, and suddenly you are bombarded with flyers and “Are you voting today?”, “Vote Jo for President!”, “Have a sweet, vote Gillian!”. Add to that a car driving around the building covered in painted words, such as “Rory Smith for PSM #1”. Every candidate’s camp or group of supporters was also wearing a different coloured t-shirt to stand out from one another.

The SRC Elections are later on this month, on October 21st, just to add more political flavour to campus. Nominations are open for that right now if you’re interested in running, tomorrow’s the last day for them though so hurry.

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  1. I passed this lot today on the bus and wondered if they’d feature on your blog today! I didn’t have my camera with me, otherwise I might have done the same!

    October 8, 2009 at 9:24 pm

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