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Protesting Outside The Recruitment Office

Protesting Outside The Recruitment OfficeLast Friday the Glasgow University Stop The War group and the Glasgow University Left Society descended upon the Army/Navy/Air Force Recruitment Offices in the city centre, which is a change from the usual chants occurring on campus. The rhetoric was still the same, although the focus this time was on getting the troops out of Afghanistan. The placards were still the same as back in February. One significant change was the Barack Obama had joined their list of “terrorists” in their chants, alongside George W. Bush, Gordon Brown, Donald Rumsfeld, and Hamid Karzai. Note that the protest was held on the same day that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Oops.

I was down there for some shopping and decided to snap a few photos, for my own collections and for the Glasgow University Guardian. (My photos didn’t make the cut this time.)

Oh, as per their posted Office Hours, one of the Recruitment offices had closed half an hour before the protestors showed up, and the other had shut it’s doors just minutes before. The protestors applauded themselves for “successfully shutting down the recruitment offices”. Oops.

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