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I <3 VD at the GUU?

I <3 VD @ GUU

I saw this a while back on Great George Street and took this photo, but lost it for a while on in my expanding photo archives until now. Every now and then something like this pops up and I do a double take at the ridiculousness of it. VD? As is Venereal Disease? At the GUU? Right…

The fact that we have two student unions results in frequent mischief and having fun at the expense of the other. Slagging the other Union off is pretty much a must for many, a part of the competitive nature of the loving relationship. Which is why I laughed my butt of at this one, assuming it was someone having fun at the expense of the GUU.

My favourite joke about the GUU so far is “You can’t spell The Hive without H-I-V.” Know any good ones about either one of the Unions?

By the way, apparently VD refers to a band called Vendor Defender who played a free gig at the Debates Chamber at the Glasgow University Union a month ago. Nothing to do with venereal diseases.

2 days left to vote in this month’s poll (on the right hand side of the page there) on deciding which is the nicest building around the University of Glasgow campus, so you have until Saturday night to cast your vote if you haven’t already! Oh, and Halloween is coming, hope you have your costume figured out already.

[Poll #5: What is the Nicest Building at Glasgow University?]
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  1. What a fun Ha Ha Ha ha. . . . . . . . . . .


    May 5, 2010 at 10:14 pm

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