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October 2009 Recap and Poll Results []

Happy Halloween!

First things first, the results of October’s poll on the nicest building at Glasgow University. From the very beginning of the poll to the bitter end, the Boyd Orr Building led the way, until, at the very last moment, the brand new Fraser Building ran past to a glorious victory, deservedly so. Below you’ll find the Top Ten results of the poll. I personally assumed the Wolfson Medical School Building would have been higher on the list, but No. 7 isn’t too bad.

October Poll Top 10

To celebrate the Fraser Building’s victory in the poll I will feature the building for all of next week, starting Monday. In waiting for that, you can go ahead and cast your vote in November’s poll on finding out which is the UGLIEST building at the University of Glasgow. Below are thumbnail links to all the photos from the month of October.

Anderson CollegeOctober 2nd: Cheesy Pop AftermathOctober 3rd: BOB, 37 Years OldOctober 4th: C is for... Chapel [ABC Sundae]October 5th: Library Level 3 Annexe Now (Not) OpenOctober 6th: Giant Piggy BankOctober 7th: New Library Cafe AreaOctober 8th: GUU By-ElectionOctober 9th: What's Going On Here?October 10th: HockeyOctober 11th: Archaeology Field Trip to Kilmartin GlenOctober 12th: Protesting Outside The Recruitment OfficeOctober 13th: Autumn YellowOctober 14th: Welcome To GarscubeOctober 15th: Welcome to Special CollectionsOctober 16th: On A Cloudy Autumn DayOctober 17th: John McIntyre BuildingOctober 18th: D is for... Deadline [ABC Sundae]October 19th: Research ClubOctober 20th: Principal's LodgingOctober 21st: SRC ElectionsOctober 22nd: The Biggest Thesaurus In The WorldOctober 23rd: You Can Make A DifferenceOctober 24th: Bower Building Fire, 8 Years AgoOctober 25th: Chopped DownOctober 26th: Study PodsOctober 27th: A Snake, a Pyramid, and a StarOctober 28th: Spiral StaircaseOctober 29th: Tennent's On TapOctober 30th: I <3 VD @ GUUOctober 31st: Happy Halloween!


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