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F is for… Food [ABC Sundae]

F is for... Food

Students have to eat, don’t they? Although there are numerous cafés and other such dispensaries of food just off campus on Byres Road, Great Western Road and Gibson Street, why make the extra trek to them when there are cafés and cafeterias sprinkled around campus, such as the Food To Go pictured above. There’s surprisingly quite a few cafés around campus:

  • Food For Thought, Fraser Building
  • Food To Go, Fraser Building
  • One A The Square Café
  • One A The Square Brasserie
  • John McIntyre Café
  • Atrium Café, Wolfson Medical School Building
  • St Andrews Building Café
  • Café Picolino, Boyd Orr Building
  • Links Café, Wolfson Building
  • Food Farm, Faulty of Veterinary Medicine (Garscube)
  • Food In Focus, Library Level 3 Annexe

If that’s not enough, there are a few more in the student unions:

  • Hetherington Research Club
  • Food Factory at the QMU
  • Lacuna at the QMU
  • Union Cafe at the GUU
  • Subway at the GUU

The opening times and etcetera can be found on the University Website under Catering. In writing this post I discovered a further three cafés I’ve yet to visit, although most of them I only visit for the occasional cup of coffee on my way through. Which one’s your favourite cafeteria?

ABC Sundae is a fortnightly theme day, occurring every other Sunday, one letter of the alphabet at a time. Click here for more ABC Sundae.

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