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Posting Problems, Again (Update: Fixed)

Once again, I’m having trouble posting pictures to the blog. I’ve had absolutely no connection to the internet at home for a whole week now due to Virgin Broadband completely ignoring us and replying to our emails with the identical canned reply twice now. We;ve had no access to the DSL service for the last 8 days now, and spotty connection for the 4 days before that. Best thing is that we’ve only been a customer with Virgin Broadband for 3 weeks as of today.

With my mobile phone broken and landline not working (landline also provided by Virgin Media), I can’t call technical support and the people at the Virgin Store on Buchanan Street couldn’t help me either. Calling from a mobile costs about £20 for an hour. I know this because that’s how much I spent calling tech support without ever getting through to them. lack of access to the internet is also inhibiting my primary tasks, such as studying and essay writing as I can’t do any research online and I don’t have the time to sit at the library until 2am every day (which is what I’ve had to do a lot of recently). Who do I have to bribe or scream at to get access to a service I’m paying for?

I’ll return to regular posting as soon as I can, but the posts will be slow in catching up, hopefully starting tonight and so on retroactively whenever I get the chance to be online. Internet finally fixed at home, I’ll get back to normal posting in a few days, just finishing off a few essays, the last two of the term.

One response

  1. Sorry to hear this Jani. I hope it gets sorted soon.

    November 12, 2009 at 7:55 pm

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