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Sir Alexander Stone Building

Sir Alexander Stone Building

This is one of the most recently renamed buildings on campus. Previously known as the Modern Languages Building, the Sir Alexander Stone Building is located just next to the Queen Margaret Union on University Gardens. The Modern Languages Building is now a part of the Hetherington Building just behind this building, on the other side of the Adam Smith Building.

This is now the second building on campus named after Sir Alexander Stone, the first one being up at Garscube, accommodating the Departments of Medical Oncology and Microbiology, and the Beatson laboratories. The newly renamed building is a part of the School of Law, which is somewhat more apt as Sir Alexander Stone was a “lawyer and a bibliophile.” More on the University Story website.

The building you see reflected just around the sign right there is the Boyd Orr Building. Oh, and the ‘School of Law’ bit on the sign? That’s an indication of coming times, as there will apparently be a reshuffling of the Faculties and Department within the University, creating instead Schools and Colleges. I’ll write more when it becomes final during next term.

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  1. The School of Law has always been called that (or at least since a couple of Law departments were amalgamated in the 80s) – it’s one of the few which wasn’t altered by the restructure.

    October 14, 2010 at 8:01 am

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