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A Lecturer’s View, Adam Smith T415

A Lecturer's View, Adam Smith T415

As University students we spend a healthy portion of our time in lectures listening to a lecturer present a subject with varying degrees of entertainment. The lecture theatres on campus vary vastly, some being old and cramped with hard wooden seats or the occasional leather covering from the 19th century, some decked out in shades of blue and purple with plenty of space to stretch out your legs. This particular lecture theatre is in the Adam Smith Building, top floor, Room T415. It might just be the one redeeming feature of the not-so-pretty 1960s concrete block.

The lecture theatre does have two downsides to it:

  1. It’s on the 4th floor of the Adam Smith Building, which is at the top of Gilmorehill, so you spend the first 10 minutes of the lecture trying to catch your breath. Well, at least I do after running up the hill and then the stairs to my 9am Politics 2A lectures.
  2. That big window on the right hand side of the photo. What window? Why? I’ll show you in tomorrow’s post.

I’m usually in too big of a rush to get to my next lecture/tutorial/lunch/power nap to stick around and take photos, but I’m going to try to do this more often, take photos from the lecturer’s podium. ‘Try’ being the operative word.

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