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The View from Adam Smith T415

The View from Adam Smith T415

This is the view from Lecture Theatre T415 in the Adam Smith Building. This is the view towards the West, overlooking Glasgow’s West End. On a nice day you can easily and clearly see the Erskine Bridge about 12 kilometres away. Frequently you can see airplanes on final approach to Glasgow Airport. With all this, try sitting next to this window at 9am and focus on Rousseau or Hobbes and their ponderings about the State of Nature. Then again, on a particularly nasty day you’re counting your blessings you’re inside looking out, not outside in the rain. Oh, and I can see my flat from the lecture theatre. That’s always nice.

The green-topped giant right there, again, is the Boyd Orr Building, the whiteish building below it is the Queen Margaret Union, and the rooftops at the foot of the photo belong to the Lilybank House.

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  1. My office was on the 6th floor (an S6 office) and I used to love that view from the landing (yes it did make it onto my blog, complete with easyjet plane coming into land!).

    December 13, 2009 at 4:05 pm

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