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Pretty Chimneys

Pretty Chimneys

The Boyd Orr Building is a little bit of a curiosity. Right at the top of the building sits a pretty little set of chimneys, from which smoke is released pretty much all the time. On the other side of the building, on the roof as well, sits what looks like a greenhouse, where the lights are on pretty much all night, every night. If you look back to last Saturday’s photo of the Boyd Orr Building, you can see the roof of the building better.

Furthermore, the roof isn’t really supposed to be green. Apparently, originally, it was copper. Which makes no practical sense because copper reacts with oxygen in the air over a long period of time and turns moss green, as witnessed above.

Why does the building have a chimney? And is the structure on top of the building really a greenhouse? Why the use of copper? Any science students/staff out there who could shed some light on these mysteries?

Oh, and the timing of this post with the start of the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen was purely coincidental.

More on the Boyd Orr Building.

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