Your University, One Photo at a Time



AArrgh! The alien mothership is landing! Quick, to the underground bunkers!! Someone call Will Smith!!!

Oh wait, it’s just the floodlights on top of the Adam Smith Building during a very foggy night. Nevermind.

The effect of the floodlights in the fog was pretty amazing, wish I’d have had more time and energy (and a tripod) to take a gazillion photos around campus. Instead, I’ve only took a handful on my way home from the QMU, taking a little detour past the Adam Smith Building while I was at it. I’ll post a few others on later dates, especially considering the winter holidays are just a few weeks away and my camera and I will not be around the University to take photos.

[Poll #7: What grade would you give the year 2009?]
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© 2009


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