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The 100th Daft Friday

100th Daft Friday

Back in 1909, the Glasgow University Union held a Christmas ball known as Daft Friday, a black-tie event which this year saw it reach its 100th year. At £35 per ticket (£65 for couples), it’s not a cheap thrill, but nevertheless 2,500 people bought a ticket (and I presume also showed up). The line, when we showed up at 9.15pm, was around the corner to Oakfield Avenue. As we got closer to the door I heard that the queue went all the way to the University Library, or to the Stevenson Building. Don’t know what the truth is. Perhaps both were wrong, can’t say.

The building you see before you, the old part of the Glasgow University Union, was lit up outside in purple and yellow. Inside, as per tradition, the place is entirely devoted to the event and is redecorated in accordance to a particular theme, kept a secret until one walks into the building on Daft Friday. And the theme for 2009 was… (see tomorrow’s post.)

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