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December 2009 Recap & Poll Results []

So that’s it for 2009. Every site and their cat is going through a review of the past year and what the future holds, a time for reflection and making resolutions one doesn’t usually manage to keep hold of for longer than a few weeks, maybe a few months. Relating to that, January’s poll asks what kind of resolutions you made for the New Year. Couldn’t resist asking, kinda curious if studies, health or something else will make it to the top of the list.

I’m not going to review the past year, as the photo blog is only seven months old. Instead, I’ll briefly explain a few minute and mostly aesthetic changes around here.
One, I’ve noticed that I didn’t keep to my original plan of limiting myself to a few sentences per photo as a caption. Instead, some of the posts have become quite wordy. This is a photoblog after all. Starting with the first post of 2010, the photos will be accompanied by brief anecdotal captions, with the occasional longer post. The reasoning behind this is that otherwise I’ll never be able to post a photo a day, instead playing catch up with the calendar and the blog, as I’ve been doing for the past weeks.
Two, I’ve finally figured out a better, no nonsense name for the photoblog: Photos from Glasgow University. The old name, Glasgow University in Photos always seemed a bit off to me.. Problem solved.
, continuing with a social outreach, the photoblog can now be found on Facebook. The Facebook logo on the right hand side of the blog will take you to the corresponding page where you can become a fan of Photos from Glasgow University. The other buttons are for Twitter (@GlasgowUniPhoto), Flickr photos and the RSS Feed for subscriptions.

The results of December’s Poll, asking what grade you would give the year 2009, are below. Glad to see that the year was primarily positive for the readers of this photoblog, and here’s to hoping next year will be even better, especially for those who gave 2009 a D or even an F:

Below are the photos from December:

December 1st: World AIDS DayDecember 2nd: World AIDS Day FlashmobDecember 3rd: The Ugliest Building at Glasgow UniversityDecember 4th: John Boyd Orr, 1880-1971December 5th: BOB the BrutalistDecember 6th: Underneath BOBDecember 7th: Pretty ChimneysDecember 8th: FogDecember 9th: Glasgow University Panorama (from the roof of the QMU)December 10th: Dirty DishesDecember 11th: A Dolphin?December 12th: GUU at NightDecember 13th: H is for... Hunter [ABC Sundae]December 14th: Warming UpDecember 15th: Spires In The FogDecember 16th: Infinity StairwellDecember 17th: Working Late On A Foggy NightDecember 18th: 100th Daft FridayDecember 19th: The Theme for Daft Friday 2009...December 20th: Daft Friday CeilidhDecember 21st: The GUU on Daft Friday 2009December 22nd: Hunter Memorial InscriptionDecember 23rd: Memorial Gates and Round Reading RoomDecember 24th: 1939-1945December 25th: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!December 26th: Wellington Church Christmas TreeDecember 27th: I is for... Inscription [ABC Sundae]December 28th: Golden GatesDecember 29th: Golden CloistersDecember 30th: Monochrome CloistersDecember 31st: Hope



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