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Billiards Ban

Billiards Ban

A little snippet of history:

After hearing a compliant from the Principal and masters of the College, “that some personnes keep bulyard tables, to the prejudice of the young men their scholars frequenting the same, neir their colledge, when they should be at their book”, the Town Council instructs the Dean of Guild to ensure that “no bulyard board be keeped betwixt the Wyndheid and the croce [Cross]…” [University Story]

That was on this day back in 1679.

A far cry from the days when billiards was perceived as a distraction to students, today the Glasgow University Union boasts the largest student billiards hall in Britain, as well as a few more pool tables sprinkled around the building. The Champions Bar in the Queen Margaret Union also has a a few pool tables and a foosball table. I won’t start listing all the other distractions that today keep students away from their books.

More “On This Day” entries can be found on Glasgow University Story website at, maintained by the Archive Services. Information also from University Story site.

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