Your University, One Photo at a Time

January 2010 Recap & Poll Results []

80 fans on Facebook in a very short period of time, I’m pleasantly surprised.

Coming up with a relevant photo, as opposed to a simple touristy photo of the Cloisters or the University Tower every day, is harder than I presumed when starting this photoblog. As a full-time student I’m limited in terms of available time and where on campus I usually am, as evidenced by the fact that there are quite a few buildings on campus that I’ve yet to feature, simply because I don’t have a single photo of those buildings, or I haven’t even been in the buildings a single time yet, such as the Wolfson Building and the Davidson Building.

The blog’s about more than just the buildings of the University of Glasgow. It’s about the students and the events and especially the little personal touches and historical curiosities and odd little bits and pieces of the University. and as such I welcome and hope for photo suggestions and questions, either through Twitter, Facebook, email or as a simple comment on any post on this blog. If you know of any interesting little curiosities around campus, drop me a note or something.

January’s poll asked about your New Year’s Resolutions for 2010, listing the 10 most common resolutions. With most of the readers of the photoblog being students, it’s no surprise what the most common resolution was:

There were 33 responses in total, with the two most common resolutions were to Study Harder and Lose Weight/Get Into Shape. I’m surprised at how low Quit Smoking was in the results. Oh, and that one ‘Other answer…’ response? World Domination. Obviously.

February’s poll goes back to basics, focusing on a part of the University: What is the best source of food on campus? The poll is on the right hand side of this blog.

Below are thumbnails linking to all of January’s photos:
January 1st: Here's To A Brand New Year!January 2nd: Snowy University GardensJanuary 3rd: Main GateJanuary 4th: Bower BuildingJanuary 5th: Fraser Building and Round Reading RoomJanuary 6th: Jack Peñate at Daft Friday 2009January 7th: After The ShowJanuary 8th: Wolfson Medical School BuildingJanuary 9th: Stevenson BuildingJanuary 10th: J is for... Jani at Jim'sJanuary 11th: Maths BuildingJanuary 12th: Pontecorvo BuildingJanuary 13th: University GardensJanuary 14th: Three Squares GyratoryJanuary 15th: Bute GardensJanuary 16th: Gregory Building EntranceJanuary 17th: Gregory Building and The TowerJanuary 18th: What's Is That? A Clown Face?January 19th: A Lecture Theatre MakeoverJanuary 20th: Anderson College and Thurso StreetJanuary 21st: 50p to HaitiJanuary 22nd: Entrance to the Beer BarJanuary 23rd: The Beer BarJanuary 24th: K is for... Kelvin [ABC Sundae]January 25th: Fraser Building Wall Decoration (What Is That?)January 26th: "Encouraging" GraffitiJanuary 27th: Attack of the TubesJanuary 28th: New Pair of Shoes (On A Wire)January 29th: Lilybank GardensJanuary 30th: New Outdoor BenchesJanuary 31st: Billiards Ban


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