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A Small Door (What Is That?)

A Small Door (What Is That?)

The answer to last Monday’s puzzle about the photo asking ‘What is Room 256?’ is that it’s a small door, as some of the commenters guessed. The clue was in the sign on the door, Dr John Malkovich. As in John Malkovich. The actor. John Malkovich + a small door = ‘Being John Malkovich’. The movie.

Do you need any more hints as to what all this is alluding to? For those of you who are still a bit clueless as what I’m blabbering on about, Being John Malkovich. Google it. Also, Wikipedia is your friend. There’s also a synopsis at the end of this post.

For those who know the philosophical aspect of the movie and are wondering what the door is doing in a building which is primarily for Physics and Astronomy: the Kelvin Building used to be called the Natural Philosophy Building and some Philosophy lectures take place in Room 257, a lecture theatre in the same building.

If you wish to go looking for the door to Room 256, follow the signs to Room 257, and then follow the signs to the bathrooms. The door to Room 256 might be easy to miss due to its size, so keep looking down at the wall on your left.

Incredibly Minimal and Over-Simplified Synopsis of Movie!! Spoiler!!
In “Being John Malkovich”, the protagonist finds a portal on the 7 1/2 floor of an office building which takes him into the brain of actor John Malkovich, played by John Malkovich. Man finds something cool, shows cool thing to others, everyone abuses the system for personal gain, philosophical debate over wine and cigarettes afterwards. Bring your own beret. The end.

The search for Room 42 continues.

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