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Lord Kelvin’s Modern Glaswegian Style

Lord Kelvin's Modern Glaswegian Style

It appears Lord Kelvin’s statue in Kelvingrove Park has been momentarily pimped, Glasgow-style, with the obligatory orange traffic cone. It’s the same statue of which I posted another photo a few weeks back, albeit that one was taken during a sunny summer day. You know what, I think the hat kinda suits him.

It is becoming, or to some extent has become, synonymous with Glasgow’s drinking habits and sense of humor to such an extent that you can actually purchase inflatable orange traffic cone hats. The traffic-cone-on-statue gimmick is a particularly common occurrence in the city centre, with the statue of the Duke of Wellington outside the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA). You can see an example of that here.

I wonder if the Glasgow City Council keeps stats on how many traffic cones are misplaced, stolen, placed on statues around the city, chucked into rivers, and placed on top of bus stops.

You’ll recognize the University Tower lit up in the background, just to give you a frame of reference for the location of the statue.

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