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M is for… Magazines [ABC Sundae]

M is for... Magazines [ABC Sundae]

There are four student media organisations at the University of Campus, all of which are written and edited by students themselves. I’ve lumped the Guardian in with the three magazines because there really aren’t any other student-run newspapers on campus and I didn’t want the Guardian to be all alone as the sole newspaper.

Glasgow University Guardian

Founded in 1956 as the Gilmorehill Guardian, the Glasgow University Guardian is the University’s independent and award-winning student-run newspaper, covering news, sports, events and features, with the occasional scoop. The Wikipedia entry for the Guardian mentions some of those scoops. If you’d like to find out more or contribute an article or photos, the people behind the Guardian meet every Monday at 5pm in the John McIntyre Building.

To get your hands on the Guardian, you can find copies of it spread around campus and the West End, notably in the John Mac Building, both student unions and the Fraser Building. The Guardian’s website is, where you can find the most recent edition.

Glasgow University Magazine

The first issue of the Glasgow University Magazine (GUM) appeared all the way back in 1889, making it the oldest continuously published student magazine in Scotland. The magazine’s aim is to “document the University’s history from the student’s point of view, with reports of sporting achievements and debates, short stories and poems, articles and letters giving opinions on the political and moral issues of the day, and photographs of office bearers and medal winners.” And fashion, art and entertainment. Obviously.

The GUM won the award for Best Magazine at the 2008 Herald Scottish Student Press Awards. The magazine is released quarterly. The GUM website is and 3000 copies of the magazine are spread around campus and Glasgow every time it is released.


qmunicate is the Queen Margaret Union‘s award-winning student magazine, having won Best Magazine at the Herald Student Press Awards in both 2007 and 2009, being shortlisted in both 2006 and 2008.

The Publications Committee meet every Wednesday in the QMU at 5.30pm, and the magazine comes out every two weeks. The website for qmunicate is, where you can find the most recent edition. A paper copy of the magazine can be found, naturally, at the Queen Margaret Union, as you enter the building.


The GUUi is Glasgow University Union‘s publication, currently in it’s 11th issue. I’m mentioning the GUUi last, not because it’s the youngest publication of the four, but because I had some trouble finding out anything about it online. Likewise, I couldn’t find a website for the GUUi, but the latest issue can be found online at (PDF warning).

If anyone can fill me and the readers in on when the people behind the GUUi meet (I assume they meet in the GUU), much appreciated.

I occasionally provide photos to the Glasgow University Guardian, whenever I have the chance to do so, and some of my photos have been kindly used in qmunicate. The newest issues of both the Guardian and qmunicate contain some of my photos, which gives me more reason to love taking photos. Thank you for the opportunity!

ABC Sundae is a fortnightly theme day, occurring every other Sunday, one letter of the alphabet at a time. Click here for more ABC Sundae.

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